February 2018 New Hampshire stripper pics

NH Strippers pics for 2018, February roster

I have so many sites, I almost forgot about this one. So here’s an update of our sexy New Hampshire strippers.
New Hampshire stripper Vanessa
New Hampshire strippers Dee and Vanesa
New Hampshire stripper Chanel
New Hampshire stripper Chanel
New Hampshire strippers Taylor and Mila
New Hampshire strippers Taylor and Mila
New Hampshire stripper Dee
New Hampshire stripper Mona
New Hampshire stripper Mila

Call 603-627-0007 to book the best New Hampshire strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We are based in Manchester, NH.


New pics of our New Hampshire strippers

Vanessa New Hampshire stripper

Enjoy the photos of our sexy strippers

VIP Entertainment Inc., books the hottest strippers in New Hampshire. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, booking strippers since 1992. Call 603-627-0007 and book the best entertainers for your party.
Vanessa New Hampshire stripper
New Hampshire strippers
Kenzie Reeves boxcover
Vanessa New Hampshire stripper
Vanessa New Hampshire stripper
Kenzie Reezes
Mona New Hampshire stripper
Kat New Hampshire stripper
Kat New Hampshire stripper

VIP Entertainment Inc., is run by me, Meni. I started booking strippers in New Hampshire in 1992. By 1996 I had my first web site up. Not many people will looking for strippers on the internet back then. They would use the yellow pages. I advertised in the yellow pages till about 1998. We relied on search engines like Yahoo, Excite, Altavista & Webcrawler.
It’s now 20 years later, and we have Google, and Bing. People ask Siri for New Hampshire strippers. One thing is steady, we are still here.
I see one of the most prominent Boston stripper agencies is now closed. HQ is gone. I noticed 2 New Hampshire stripper agencies are gone. I am scooping up their expired domains.
More to come…..

Guess who won the bikini contest at Laconia Bike Week

Our very own Nicole won the bikini contest

Well yesterday, Nicole went up to Laconia to enter the Naswa bike week biking contest, I think they referred it as Nazkini ? I didn’t go to support her, she didn’t need it, she won. The top stripper agency in New Hampshire, VIP Entertainment books the hottest strippers for your party. Call 603-591-6315 to book your party with VIP.
Nicole bike week
The smokeshow blonde is available only through VIP Entertainment inc.
Nicole bike week
The weather isn’t going to be great for Friday at bike week. Looks like rain.
Have a great weekend, cutting this post short. Remember for the best strippers in New Hampshire call VIP Entertainment Inc. 603-591-6315

New Hampshire strippers updated roster pics

Nicole New Hampshire stripper

New pics, new Strippers, New Hampshire lol

Today is a hot one, 90s, it’s still only spring. Time to update this blog with new New Hampshire stripper pics. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Always featuring beautiful, fun, strippers.
Mila New Hampshire stripper

VIP Entertainment Inc., is your local New Hampshire stripper agency. 603-627-0007 is our phone number. Based in Manchester, NH. We cover all of New Hampshire.  The first part I ever drove, before I had the agency, was Hollis, New Hampshire. The first party I booked as VIP,  Bedford, New Hampshire. That part was 5 strippers for a friend of mine’s bachelor party. He ended up with a black eye, luckily, the wedding was a week away.
New Hampshire stripper Mila

You will notice, my pics look different than the competitors. I watermark all my pictures, I add the girl’s name at the top, my primary domain, vipstrippers.com at the bottom. Also, you see multiple pics of the girls. You will notice the other companies, have 1 picture of each girl. It’s easy to post a fake picture, if it’s one. Some agencies buy stock photos. You are not getting the stripper on that web page, it’s a stock image photo, paid for. I have videos of my girls also.

Here’s Mila, whom you see on all my sites

New Hampshire stripper Nicole
New Hampshire stripper Nicole
Nicole New Hampshire stripper

Here’s another video, it’s Nicole our blonde bombshell, who’s really fun.

Kat New Hampshire stripper
New Hampshire stripper Kat

I’m confident there will be an uptick in girls looking to be strippers this year. School is ending very soon, and some girls will be looking for a job. This job gives them the opportunity to have fun, work on weekends, have weekdays off. Make more money dancing at a party than a 2 weeks at a retail sales job.  One of my strippers use to work at Dunkin’s another worked at a car dealership. Another a tanning salon, another worked at a bar.
New Hampshire stripper Taylor
Kat New Hampshire stripper

Lane is new, awaiting new pics, but here she is, one pic for now.
New Hampshire stripper Lana

To book your party with VIP Entertainment Inc call 603-627-0007 if you must email us, please include the town for your party so I can give you a quote, email us

North Conway strippers Saturday Night from VIP

Mila & Vanessa dancing in North Conway NH Saturday night

Pre-booked Mila and Vanessa for a bachelor party in the North Conway, NH area. As the call came in, I informed the customer, Mila and Vanessa could be at his party at a certain time. I let him know they are pre-booked for a party in Concord, NH. When that show ends, they will be on their way to North Conway. Mila and Vanessa are the actual girls doing the parties. This was something that pleased the customer. He mentioned past parties with other companies that bait and switch.

When booking a party, you don’t want a bad surprise when the doorbell rings. You’re thinking that hot model you saw on the site, or maybe a pornstar from 2002 (Boston agency) is coming to your party. It’s not going to happen. Companies know you will not cancel if they send you different girls. So instead of the two smoke show 10s you were promised, you end up with a couple of 5s.

Since starting VIP Entertainment, my goal was to book the hottest strippers in New England. I’ve had rosters of 10 girls, and roster of 2 in the past. I’m very picky with my hiring. The girls must look great, be fit, and fun. No strip club divas here. I’ve heard the strip clubs are hurting so more girls are looking to do parties. These dancers don’t understand a bachelor party. They are use to dancing on a stage, and walking around asking for dances. Mila and Vanessa have never been in a strip club, neither has Kat, nor Nicole.

When visiting the North Conway area, and requiring some strippers for your party, please call me 603-591-6315 and I will book the best bachelor party you have ever had. Now time for some pics. Enjoy.
Kat, North Conway stripper
Nicole, North Conway stripper
Mila, North Conway stripper
Vanessa, North Conway stripper

Yes, we’ll book Lake Placid Strippers

Yes we can send strippers to Lake Placid, NY

Got email for a party in Lake Placid, it sounds like its far from Manchester, NH. Well Google Maps says 4 hours 1 minute, that’s probably closer than Hunter, NY which was service. So yes, you can get Lake Placid strippers from VIP Entertainment. Call 800-446-8847 I recommend pre-booking, we are from New England, we would only go to Lake Placid if it’s pre-booked, or if we are in town for a party already.
VIP Entertainment Inc has been booking dancers since 1992. We book the best strippers in New England. Call 800-446-8847.
I got 2 new pics last evening from Taylor, our cute blonde.
Lake Placid stripper Taylor
Lake Placid stripper Taylor
I update my sites, and blogs more than any other agency in the the north east. I work on my sites, daily. I started my first site in 1995. Here’s a screenshot from web archive 1996.
After you click the enter link..
Here’s the link to the site
I sold the domain many years ago, I had changed exxxotic to a free porn site, and used stripper domains for the agency.

Pre-booking is very important with my agency. Sure you can call same day, same evening and we could cover the party. Or not. And unlike some other companies, I do not book parties, with no intention of showing up. The other agencies could do this, to lock that customer out for the other agencies. By the time the customer realizes the agency isn’t conning it could be too late to find other girls. If you need Lake Placid strippers, pre-book, we will book your party, it will be a success. I just quoted a party in Queen, NY. Even with the plethora of dancers in NYC, that customer saw our girls and wanted a quote for his party coming up in Queens. So the best strippers in New England, and potentially the best in NY? wow.

New Hampshire strippers from VIP Entertainment 2017 Roster

New Hampshire strippers 2017 roster from VIP Entertainment Inc

This is our 25 year booking strippers in New Hampshire. WOW. Time to update the wordpress blog. Currently we have maybe the best lineup ever for the agency. And the most fun. The most games, toy shows. Call 603-627-0007 to book the best New Hampshire strippers
Here comes the roster….
New Hampshire strippers Mila
New Hampshire stripper Ava
New Hampshire strippers Nicole
New Hampshire strippers Taylor
New Hampshire strippers Riley
Ava and Taylor
Taylor, Ava, Nicole

Some reviews of our New Hampshire strippers
New Hampshire party review

That party was in Plymouth, New Hampshire. The customers have been with us for a long time. First show I booked was with the older brother, a UNH Frat party. Couple of years later, he introduced his younger brother to VIP. We did parties for his fraternity in RI. Now they boys are out of college, and booking more parties with VIP. They wanted strippers who were fun and could drink. So I made sure I sent dancers 21 or older. Mila and Nicole are 21. I sent the sexy New Hampshire strippers, who are best friends, to Plymouth, NH with my driver Tony. Tony get’s mentioned in a lot of reviews, because Tony is awesome. He’s not a huge thug with long coat. He’s a chill guy, he’s funny, does stand up comedy and has a podcast.  Any ways, in case someone can’t read the image, I’ll write it out here.

“Our show was the epitome of awesomeness!! We requested girls that would party with us, not some stuck up bitches who took their clothes off……. what we got were two gorgeous girls with happy bubbley (sic) personality that Raged with us!!! The guy who brought them up, Tony was also the man. My brother and I have been booking with Meni from VIP for about 8 years, would never book thru anyone else!!! A++++++ #VIP4THEWIN”

I love it, I love the hashtag. Hashtags are big for me, I love twitter, keep a tab open on my browser of Twitter, all day. OK well that’s an update here from VIP.  Call 603-627-0007 to book the best New Hampshire strippers. Or email us or fill out this form