March 2019 NH Strippers Update

What’s new and what is happening at New Hampshire strippers

Spring is almost here. We might have just passed the last snow plowing event for New Hampshire. VIP Entertainment Inc., is based in Manchester, NH. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992.
This update will show you some pics and videos of our current roster of strippers.
Let’s start off with some pics of Nicole
NH Strippers
NH Strippers
NH Strppers

If you would like to book our strippers, you can call me at 603-627-0007 I’ve had that phone number for about 3 decades. Nicole likes to work with Mona, Mila, Audrey.
Here’s a review from a party Nicole and Audrey danced at
Nicole and Audrey review
As you can see, this customer has been booking with us for quite a while, quite a few parties, and he says Nicole and Audrey are the best stripper duo, he has seen.

Here’s a video of Audrey

Here’s a recent pic of Audrey

I’ve mentioned Mona, here’s a video Mona show before dancing at a party

Here are some pics of Mona and one with Mona and Nicole together

We’ve add some new talent to the agency, we have also let a dancer go. We do not allow dancers telling us they will only work with their boyfriend as the driver. That’s against the rules here. If you want that dancer, she’s working at another agency and her boyfriend is the driver. Which is creepy.

Anyway back to the New Hampshire strippers pics, Julz is now dancing for VIP Entertainment inc.

Here’s a video of Julz

NH stripper Julz selfie

NH stripper Julz selfie

NH Stripper selfie

NH Stripper posing

How about new pics of Kat. Kat came to use almost 2 years ago. She turned 18 and we hired her. Gorgeous girl she needs to smile more in her pics. Her hair is getting longer. Unreal body.
New Hampshire stripper Kat Selfie

New Hampshire stripper Kat Selfie

Here’s a pic of Mila and Kat from this past weekend, that party was in Vermont

Speaking of Mila, here’s Mila, Mona and Nicole heading to a party back in August, 2018

if you are looking to book the best strippers in New Hampshire call 603-627-0007

New Hampshire strippers update

Nicole, blonde New Hampshire stripper

A look at the exotic dancers available now

As we move into the last month of 2018, the snow is here, and we are here. VIP Entertainment Inc., based in Manchester, NH since 1992. Call 603-627-0007 and let us handle the entertainment for your party in New Hampshire.

Here is the current roster, we feature the actual strippers who work for us on all our sites, no other local agency does that.

New Hampshire stripper RileyNew Hampshire stripper VanessaNew Hampshire stripper NicoleNew Hampshire stripper Monaryder-10New Hampshire stripper MilaNew Hampshire stripper Scarlett

Call 603-627-0007 to book New Hampshire strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.



June New Hampshire strippers update

New pictures and news from VIP Entertainment Inc

As we head into Summer, VIP Entertainment Inc, he kickin’ ass in the New Hampshire stripper biz. Booking parties all around the state. Heading to Laconia this Saturday. Hit Bartlett, Gilford and a customer in Conway called too late, he had booked another agency, that agency out of Boston, starts with an S. And they were not showing up. Call 603-627-0007 New Hampshire strippers
Check out our new pics
Nicole, blonde New Hampshire stripper
Mila and Nicole, New Hampshire strippers
Vanessa and Mona
Now that you have seen some of the pics, I hope you realize these are the real girls that show up to your party when you call us.

Here’s the conversation after the Ossipee  New Hampshire bachelor party customer

Ossipee NH bachelor party

The driver was Zach, our college graduated, baseball player. All our drivers do a great job. I’ve heard stories about drivers who come in and intimidate the customers. We don’t do that, it’s your party, let’s have fun.  If you would like to book the best strippers in New Hampshire, call 603-627-0007 and speak to me, Meni. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992.   I started this agency after driving a couple of parties with a dancer who I met at Mac’s Two in Billerica, MA. They could serve liquor back then, the still had a liquor license. It’s a juice bar now, 18 plus. Anyways, Amanda met me one Tuesday amateur night, and we talked. Sure I thought she was hot. I was 22, I would go on amateur nights to hit on the girls as the sit at the bar waiting to go on stage. I remember the first party I drove Amanda to was in Hollis, New Hampshire. It was in a barn. She was the only dancer, I never found out who her agency was. I just know within a month, I told her I could book parties too. I got a pager. And VIP was started.