Yes, we’ll book Lake Placid Strippers

Yes we can send strippers to Lake Placid, NY

Got email for a party in Lake Placid, it sounds like its far from Manchester, NH. Well Google Maps says 4 hours 1 minute, that’s probably closer than Hunter, NY which was service. So yes, you can get Lake Placid strippers from VIP Entertainment. Call 800-446-8847 I recommend pre-booking, we are from New England, we would only go to Lake Placid if it’s pre-booked, or if we are in town for a party already.
VIP Entertainment Inc has been booking dancers since 1992. We book the best strippers in New England. Call 800-446-8847.
I got 2 new pics last evening from Taylor, our cute blonde.
Lake Placid stripper Taylor
Lake Placid stripper Taylor
I update my sites, and blogs more than any other agency in the the north east. I work on my sites, daily. I started my first site in 1995. Here’s a screenshot from web archive 1996.
After you click the enter link..
Here’s the link to the site
I sold the domain many years ago, I had changed exxxotic to a free porn site, and used stripper domains for the agency.

Pre-booking is very important with my agency. Sure you can call same day, same evening and we could cover the party. Or not. And unlike some other companies, I do not book parties, with no intention of showing up. The other agencies could do this, to lock that customer out for the other agencies. By the time the customer realizes the agency isn’t conning it could be too late to find other girls. If you need Lake Placid strippers, pre-book, we will book your party, it will be a success. I just quoted a party in Queen, NY. Even with the plethora of dancers in NYC, that customer saw our girls and wanted a quote for his party coming up in Queens. So the best strippers in New England, and potentially the best in NY? wow.

New Hampshire strippers from VIP Entertainment 2017 Roster

New Hampshire strippers 2017 roster from VIP Entertainment Inc

This is our 25 year booking strippers in New Hampshire. WOW. Time to update the wordpress blog. Currently we have maybe the best lineup ever for the agency. And the most fun. The most games, toy shows. Call 603-627-0007 to book the best New Hampshire strippers
Here comes the roster….
New Hampshire strippers Mila
New Hampshire stripper Ava
New Hampshire strippers Nicole
New Hampshire strippers Taylor
New Hampshire strippers Riley
Ava and Taylor
Taylor, Ava, Nicole

Some reviews of our New Hampshire strippers
New Hampshire party review

That party was in Plymouth, New Hampshire. The customers have been with us for a long time. First show I booked was with the older brother, a UNH Frat party. Couple of years later, he introduced his younger brother to VIP. We did parties for his fraternity in RI. Now they boys are out of college, and booking more parties with VIP. They wanted strippers who were fun and could drink. So I made sure I sent dancers 21 or older. Mila and Nicole are 21. I sent the sexy New Hampshire strippers, who are best friends, to Plymouth, NH with my driver Tony. Tony get’s mentioned in a lot of reviews, because Tony is awesome. He’s not a huge thug with long coat. He’s a chill guy, he’s funny, does stand up comedy and has a podcast.  Any ways, in case someone can’t read the image, I’ll write it out here.

“Our show was the epitome of awesomeness!! We requested girls that would party with us, not some stuck up bitches who took their clothes off……. what we got were two gorgeous girls with happy bubbley (sic) personality that Raged with us!!! The guy who brought them up, Tony was also the man. My brother and I have been booking with Meni from VIP for about 8 years, would never book thru anyone else!!! A++++++ #VIP4THEWIN”

I love it, I love the hashtag. Hashtags are big for me, I love twitter, keep a tab open on my browser of Twitter, all day. OK well that’s an update here from VIP.  Call 603-627-0007 to book the best New Hampshire strippers. Or email us or fill out this form

North Conway for Bike Week

Got an email.. a post from this blog

In celebration of the 92nd Laconia Bike Week I have written a blog dispelling the rumors surrounding the event!
Four Seasons Lodge has DISCOUNTED availability during bike week!

11 Facts About Bike Week That Are BS!

1. Events are ONLY in Laconia! – North Conway hosts “Rally in the Valley” every year during Laconia Bike Week. A $5 wristband gets you into all the events.

2. Laconia Should Be Your Home Base – Not EVEN! North Conway is a great ride from Laconia and the roads are SO scenic. Vacation Rental rates in North Conway are MUCH lower than Laconia too!

3. Bucket List Includes Going to Laconia – Na… ahhh… most biker’s bucket list includes riding up Mt Washington! North Conway is a gorgeous 20 mile drive from the Mt Washington Auto Road!

4. Laconia is the Best Place to Ride – You haven’t LIVED until you’ve ridden the Kanc, Rt 2, Rt 3 or Rt 16 and lots of other roads I can tell you about!

5. It’s Not Cool To Celebrate In North Conway – Rally in the Valley attracts a good crowd every year and they’re not just riders! Families, singles and riders alike show up to enjoy the great weather and the sites.

6. Traffic – Stay away from NH! Ahhh… but not true! Attendance is not what it used to be at Laconia Bike week plus lots of folks stay in North Conway!

7. Crowds! – Vacationers don’t have as much vacation time as they used to. Folks don’t stay for the entire 10 days and because of the high rental rates in Laconia they have started staying in neighboring towns.

8. Wild and Crazy – NOPE! This isn’t the 70’s! This society is too litigious for out of hand public gatherings. Laconia is not designed as a family event but it’s NOT like it used to be!

9. Trouble Makers – Attendance was dropping at all Motorcycle Weeks because of the violence and arrests. Laconia has really cracked down and the event has become much more sedate!

10. Only the Young and Reckless – The young and reckless for the most part cannot afford motorcycles! If you look across the biker crowds you will see a majority of gray hair… not brown or blonde! 🙂

Drum Roll Please….

11. Four Seasons Lodge Is Booked – NOT TRUE! We are DISCOUNTED and AVAILABLE for most of the first two weeks of June!

If you are traveling to North Conway, or anywhere in New Hampshire call 603-627-0007 for VIP Strippers

New Hampshire casino backed but not budgeted

Governor Magge Hassan

CONCORD, N.H. — Gov. Maggie Hassan still believes New Hampshire should legalize one highly regulated casino to bring in new state revenue but told lawmakers on Tuesday she did not include casino money in her budget because their support is not guaranteed.

“The Legislature has shown some skepticism to it so I didn’t include it in this budget, but I certainly would be responsive to a constructive dialogue about that,” Hassan told a members of the House and Senate finance committees Tuesday during a presentation about her budget. Read More