Saw this SUV going the wrong way on 93 last night

We were driving back from a bachelor party in Lincoln, NH when I noticed 2 NH state police cars flying up to me and passing me, , then more cars coming, and I looked over to the north bound lanes to see an SUV flying in the wrong direction heading south. We lost track of the SUV and cops around Concord.
Unlicensed wrong-way driver clocked at 118 mph Sunday, police say

MANCHESTER, N.H. —An unlicensed 16-year-old girl is accused of driving the wrong way on Interstates 93 and 293 at speeds reaching 118 mph early Sunday morning, police said.

Tilton police saw the red Toyota RAV4 driving south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 93. State troopers approached the sport utility vehicle near Exit 17, but the driver refused to stop, police said.

Troopers chased the SUV through the Hooksett tolls and onto Interstate 293. The girl stopped near Exit 4 in Manchester after driving over spike strips near Exit 6, police said.

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Pic from Hunter NY Party – #NSFW

I booked 3 strippers for a Hunter NY party for a frat from a NY school. This was the 3rd party I have done for the frat. Great group of guys. Can’t wait to go back to Hunter NY next semester for their next party. I took this pic of Taylor before we left, Taylor played anal ring toss with the guys.

Taylor Hunter NY stripper with Barstool Sports sticker

Taylor Hunter NY stripper with Barstool Sports sticker

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